CSD Services prides itself on staying at the leading edge of technology and innovation when it comes to Steel Detailing.

Our desktop and server systems are custom built, self maintained by onsite staff, and constantly updated and scanned to ensure low down time and file transfers free from infection or malware.

CSD Services stays current with the latest 3D Modeling technology using Tekla and SDS/2 software, as well as cloud integration for model and file sharing, giving us the ability to support a variety of client and job types.

We understand the need for automated shops to receive machine files such as CNC and DXF, which we can produce natively from the models, in most cases, without the need for conversion through a 3rd party software.

Our I.T. department is also glad to assist customers transitioning to new technology and integrating our systems to your process to help support whatever job or client needs you have.